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Mike Hard and God Bullies Shows

Wow, Looks like we will be rocking October pretty hard.  We, Meaning Adam, Johnnie, Bongo and I have a show coming up Saturday the 1st @ Woodruff’s for Cafe Racer’s Ton-Up fest in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town. We play at 8:00 and we  are the last band.  Come on down and check out the cool dudes and their motorcycles.  I think it is a free show to boot!

We also have a Mike Hard show in Erie,  Pennsylvania on Oct 7th  and another Mike Hard show in Columbus, Ohio at the Summit on October 8th . We are playing an entirely different set for  Columbus this time around.  Have you met my friend Paul?

Mike Corso and David Livingstone are going to hook up with us  the following week for two exclusive Original Member God Bullies (OMGB) shows, thanks to  Mr. Nice Guy, Tom Hazelmayer. Because of the successful show Tom put on last year, Minneapolis wants us back.  The AmRep Prez  is flying us  to Minneapolis  for a special performance  Saturday, Oct. 15th at his kick ass club,  Grumpy’s.  If this show is anything like last year’s gig,  it will be worth attending and remembering. It will be outdoors ( Minnesota weather permitting) and we go on  around 8:00 PM.  Like last year’s GB tour, Johnnie J. (from my band, Thrall and Brain Saw) will be backing us up on guitar. Sorry, no Bongo.

Thanks to Mr. Tom’s benevolent graciousness, Detroit will also get a chance to see God Bullies. We will be playing Small’s  in Hamtramck on THURSDAY October 13th. This line up that hasn’t played the Motor City since 1995  (I hope it doesn’t show!).  No really, it’s gonna be a great time.  Small’s is the perfect place to showcase the Bullies and Mike Corso and David Livingstone should have their fingers warmed up and hopefully have all of their rock n roll moves down by then… who knows? They may even play nice and let Bongo sit in on a few songs.  Oh Shit!

And finally…  Get your tickets now (if you still can)  for the Theater Bizarre  Halloween Party on October 22nd. Yes kids, these men who hide behind masks and and wear aprons are giving it  a go this year at the Masonic Temple in Detroit.  I know, I know, I don’t want to even talk about the initiation rites… I love to feel the breeze blowing down my back just as much as the next guy.  Anyway, I  will be the Master of  Ceremony in one of  the many rooms  of  perversion and fun.  I don’t  know which room yet, but Matt said it’s really cool and looks like a church.  So, come on down  Brothers and Sisters and we will lend each other a helping hand, just like it sez in the bible.  Happy Halloween.  Did you know you can give food-stamps to Ronald McDonald and he will give you a happy meal?  Hope to see you there. Maybe I can secretly enlist some future SubCult members at these special events.  -Mike


Am Rep / GOD BULLIES October 15 Minneapolis show?

People have been asking me about HAZE putting on  a GOD BULLIES show on October 15th  in Minneapolis.  Sounds great,  I would love to do the show, but I have not heard from Tom yet.

So I do not know if there even is a show or if someone’s pulling my leg.   For sure, we are playing Erie, Pennsylvania on October 7th and Columbus Ohio on October 8th.  The 15th is open, Hazelmeyer puts on a great show, The trains all run on time and the pretzels are tasty.  I would love to do it again. If I hear anything  from AMREP I will post it immediately.

Last night was a great show.  Bongo has red marks from the bible beating he took. It was really good to see Cliff from Thrall, Toby from Hand Over Head and our roadie from hell, Mr. West.  Some Sub Cult members were in attendance and our congregation is growing.

Thank you for support and  a great show, Mike


Wrapped up Wade. I hope we helped rid Cheybogen of their toxic zombies.  Sure were alot of ’em.  Wade had ’em all herded up in a elementary school then just mowed the bleeding uglies down with some advanced weapondry supplied  by Big John.  Kodrick must of gotten bitten by one of them stinking zombies because he rippened into the sweet smell of Toxicity on the way home. Mixing the tequila w/ pickle juice and pills probably didn’t him much either.  I thought maybe Kodrick could help out on the drive  on the way up and we took BOngo with us because it was his birthday.  We stopped at the Speedway to fill up before we hit the road.  Scott buys a  slurppy and tells the clerk to fuck off when he asks Scott to pay for the second cup. He gets in the van cracks open a bottle of Tequilla  and mixes it with the slurppies and extra cup,  then gives one to Bongo. Happy birthday Bongo.  Guess I am driving.  Also that take one every four hour rule, didn’t work with him either.  

I would like to thank the Cheybogen Sherriff Department for going easy us when we got pulled over on the way home with Scott’s OPEN bottle of tequila in the cooler. Thank the Great Moose of the North  the police officer gave us a break and had Scott pour it out.  Any lesser cop would of given me, NOT SCOTT, an open container ticket.  The nice police officer reminded me of his hospitality.  Oh well, we stopped at the next gas station and Scott got another pickle, shoved it up his ass and snored all the way home.  Go ahead call me his babysitter or enabler, whatever.  Bongo had a good birthdayand got to hang out with zombie chicks, so he was happy.  Can’t wait to see the trailer, I hope I make the final cut.

WADE zombie killer of the north.

Haynze Whitmore is filming  the WADE Movie Trailer this weekend and I am lucky enough to get a small role as the creepy Mortician. So, it is time for another trip up north to pitch in and fight off those toxic zombies of Cheboygan, Michigan.  Wade can’t do it alone, obviously, because the community seems to have a reoccurring problem with these Toxic Sludge Zombies…it must be something in the water.

This time around, I am arming myself with Scott Kodrik, Master Make-up Man, Brain Saw/ Thrall Guitarist and Prince Zombie Slayer.  Scott wants to leave early so he can better prepare himself from the strenuous task of slaying Zombies the next day.  We’ll see how many we can hunt and kill,  we’ll tie ’em to the hood of the car, transport them to the Zombie weigh  station at the State Recreation Area and get our pictures taken with ’em hanging upside down from the Zombie Pole.  Luckily this season the State of Michigan has no limit on the amount of Zombies you can harvest,  so it should be good Zombie Hunting.  I know Wade has a couple of real nice guns.  I hope he lets me shoot one of them this time up.  I ll let you know how the hunting was when I get back.  Remember, the early bird gets the Zombie, Scotty.


Mike Hard w/ The State Ground Zero and Harm’s Way at Blind Pig

One hell of a show last night.  Thank you Harm’s Way for the hook up. Life Sucks Get High Posse were hanging it all out last night.  It was nice to see the kids all grown up. I could not help but think, If the government ever wanted to round us all up at once, this was the show to do it.  Just back to the paddy wagons up and haul us off to the re education centers, Hell the feds could of just backed up a cattle car on the train tracks  right out back of the Pig and send us on are merry way to recovery. Not with out a fight though.  Cause, it was a take no prisoners night.  No fashion contest or scene, just fellow travellers and revolutinaries hanging out with a common bound that was present all night long.  Right on brothers and sisters and thanks for coming out. We know who you are. 

In every drunken dive to every filthy piss hole. This preacher’s got to bring his church to his people. 

Thanx, Mike


SHould be a good show tonight.

The Mike Hard Show at The Blind Pig on June 24 2011! Mike will hit the stage around 11pm.

Here’s a little preview of the new band.